What If?

“We are so conscribed by the market-driven mind-set that we can no longer experience anything outside the context of “more” and “better.”  We can’t take things as they are.  We have moved on to the upgrade before we’ve even engaged with what we have right here, right now.”  Heather Havrilesky

Reading this, the image that comes to mind is an Easter Egg hunt we have likely seen if not participated in.  Children feverishly grab at eggs (usually a plastic ones filled with some “treasure”), throw them in their baskets without really looking at them or enjoying them, and quickly move on to grabbing another, and another….  It is, of course, much different now —  We aren’t children, the eggs and baskets have taken other forms, and we don’t have our Easter clothes on.  Still, the “market-driven mid-set” prevails.  As Havrilesky posits in the title of her book – What If This Were Enough?   Indeed.  What if?

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