Something Pleasant

From Jane Steger, Leaves From a Secret Journal. That this book (1926) is nearly 100 years old is of no significance – it passes along wisdomm for the ages.

“…something pleasant happens every day, something to make one really happy…. All the years of my life I have let this fact blow about, as it were, on the dust heap of my mind, unnoticed, and now suddenly it has risen up as a thing which is amazing…. [O]ften it {is} not one treasure ship, but a whole lovely fleet of them sailing in….

Life is full of these pleasant truths, which we all really know, but which are so common that the wonder of them has worn off them, and so we do not take them in. I suppose we fail in this respect becuase we let ourselves become encased in a sort of dull hard shell of everydayness, through which it is hard for the “gift of wonder” to penetrate.”

Just while typing this I noticed that the potted yellow lantana outside my window has survived the winter freeze. And while taking in that resurection a squirrel jumped onto the patio and looked in at me while I at it, and somehow, there was a connection.

And as I write this it isn’t even 8:00.

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