Reading today from haiku mind by Patricia Donegan:

“When we are present our senses are more attuned to the environment and the environment to us….  The environment is always presenting us with a new circumstance to learn from, be it a book, a shell, a lover, or a friend.  The more we realize how everything is interrelated, and the more our minds are open, then the more auspicious our lives become.”

I didn’t trust my sense as to the meaning of “auspicious” and so I looked it up in Webster’s: “showing or suggesting that future success is likely.”

What jumped out at me here is the “…and the environment to us…” part.  The admonition to be attuned to the environment, to be “present,” is old hat, but the thought of reciprocity, the thought that the environment can in turn be attuned to me, is, to me, new.  I’ll have to ponder that a while, but it does make sense that the more I pay attention to the interrelatedness of events and lives, the more I open my mind “the more auspicious my life becomes.” And that’s a good thing. Just look at the definition.

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