I was taken today by this line in The Longly-Weds Know by Leah Furnas (https://allpoetry.com/poem/3571202-The-Longly-weds-Know-by-XxEmOtiOnjOxX), reminded both that I am of that “longly wed” classification and of the truth of the statement:

The Longly -Weds Know

“That it isn’t about the Golden Anniversary at all,

But about all the unremarkable years

that Hallmark doesn’t even make a card for.”

But perhaps my favorite sequence:

“It’s about the 37th year when she finally

decided she could never change him

And the 38th when he decided

a little change wasn’t that bad.”

And of course, the payoff:

“But most of all its about the end of the 49th year

when they discovered you don’t have to be old

to have your 50th anniversary.”

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