Insight at Brick’s


…that life is not transactional, at least not precisely so.

It is not a $1 for a vending machine Coke precise.

Sometimes you get two Cokes for your $1, sometimes none.

At times it spits out a Coke as you walk by, pockets in hand, not even thirsty.

Sometimes you get a Sprite, though you are certain you hit the Coke button.

Life is not transactional, not cleanly so.

Still, the glow from the lights, the humming of the machinery, reassures us to some measure.

So we stand there, pocketful of quarters,

Thinking we can share the extra Coke,

That we weren’t that thirsty anyway,

That Sprite is okay, maybe better.

We stand there, pocketful of quarters.

Who knows what may come out next?

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