Take No Thought

In Meditations of the Heart Howard Thurman takes on that conundrum in Matthew 6:25.  You know (in the King James): “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear.”  Though in some versions the translation is not “do not worry” but “take no thought.”  Which is where we pick up Thurman:

“Take no thought.  This day I shall desert my anxieties.  I shall forsake them – cut the off from the food supply of my spirit.  Confident am I that if I do not feed them they cannot long survive….  Into God’s hand do I yield myself this day, with all that it involves for me, with he faith that I can take complete refuge in the knowledge and the love of God.  For me this will not be easy, nor do I lightly undertake it.”

Boy, he said a mouthful there!

My anxieties – “if I do not feed them they cannot long survive.”  Well, intellectually, I know that to be true, but damn, my Jabba the Hutt anxieties have been so well fed over the years that they can live a good while off their existing body fat.  So the “this will not be easy” is, well, classic understatement.

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