Feelin’ Our Way

“As a matter of fact, it is true that most of the fundamental decisions we make are made on the basis of insufficient evidence.  We cannot wait for final proof or verification.  It would be too late.  Thus we wait as long as we can and then act on the basis of the total knowledge up to the present, with the hope that the future may verify our decision.  This means that the decision does not have integrity in itself.  Its integrity rests upon how it works out, how it unfolds”  Howard Thurman

Thurman was a preacher, and was talking in the spiritual context, but it occurs to me that this concept is universal, and certainly applies broadly in life.  What also occurs to me is that this supports the thought that we need to go easier on ourselves, on others. 

In all this I am reminded of the lines from a Jerry Jeff Walker song – “We’re all living life day to day.  The whole damn world’s just feelin’ its way.  You can’ tell ‘em Jerry Jeff said it’s okay.  All I know is you gotta keep tryin.  You gotta laugh now and then to keep from cryin’.  The only sure things are taxes and dyin’.  It’s the lovin’ makes the livin’ worthwhile.”

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