“And when he came to himself….”  Luke 15:17

To that point, the younger son was focused on the external.  His answer to the question “What must I have to make me happy” was “give me the portion of goods that falleth to me.”  (Luke 15:12)  His path to happiness took him to “riotous living.”  (Luke 15:13).  But then, he comes to himself, or as other translations put it, he comes to his senses.  Of course this is made easier because at that point, “himself” is all he has.  But then, in coming to himself, he realizes that he has the father, who we understand from the story, never really left him, who was yearning all along for his return, for the son to come to his senses.

So much travel to get to where I am.  So much effort to attain what I have.  It’s like walking around the block to get next door.

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