Among those great feelings in life (which can be in scarce supply at times like these, whatever that means) – when a book grabs me with an early line and I keep returning to those lines.  This from Richard Russo’s newest, Chances Are, which I am about fifty pages into but already feeling good about:

“What were the odds that these three would end up assigned to the same freshman dorm suite at Minerva College on the Connecticut coast?  Because yank out one thread from the fabric of human destiny and everything unravels.  Though it could also be said that things have a tendency to unravel regardless.”

“[T]he threads of human destiny” – not a novel thought (though in this case it is), but a compelling one nonetheless.  Sometimes fine linen, sometimes a worn, oil-stained scrap of an old t-shirt in the rag bin, yet each serving its purpose.

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