Life on Videotape

Steve Goodman’s song Videotape came up on my playlist and I fell for it again; found out the words had mostly stuck with me:

If your life was on videotape, wouldn’t everything be alright

When your head hurt the morning after, you could roll it back to late last night

You could replay all of the good parts, and cut out what you don’t like

Wouldn’t you be in great shape, if your life was on video tape

Goodman notes in later verses that this is fantasy.  He doesn’t have ESP, a crystal ball, or even a video recorder.  He can’t predict the future or change the past.  None of us can.  (That is, we never had the other things, and in 2020, don’t have video recorders.)

All the more reason, it occurs to me, to be mindful and live in the present.

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