I’m Just Sayings


I don’t know, I can shake a stick at a lot.

You can beat a dead horse,

but I wouldn’t  bet on it.

You can ride a gravy train,

but don’t let it scald you,

and for God’s sakes, don’t add water.

It may not be your first rodeo,

but the bull you are on doesn’t care,

and odds are it ain’t his first.

Bear hunting with a branch is fine;

it is the bear finding with a branch that gets dicey.

It seems to me that hen’s teeth are about as plentiful as they need to be.

Granted, the latch on the outhouse door is handy,

but who opens an outhouse door without first knocking or calling out?

Is “y’all” the only amusing contraction?

Has anyone ever admitted to recently falling off a turnip truck;

or for that matter, has anyone ever seen a turnip truck?

That’s a lot of turnips.

But not more than I can shake a stick at.

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