Catching God At Work

This from Barbara Brown Taylor, An Altar To The World:

“Anything can become a spiritual practice once you are willing to approach it that way – once you let it bring you to your knees and show you what is real, including who you really are, who other people are, and how near God can be when you  have lost your way.

Of course, for this last to be true you have to be willing to recognize God in your neighbor.  Once, when I took the wrong train to the New York Botanical Gardens and ended up walking through a pretty scary neighborhood in the Bronx, a bus driver stopped and opened his doors just for me.

‘I don’t have the right change,’ I said, my eyes huge with fear.

‘Get in,’ he said.  God drove a bus in the Bronx that day.’”

She’s right, of course.  I need to be able to recognize God in my neighbor, which (given limitations to my vision) may take a second, third, or fourth look.  On that day, for her, God drove a bus in the Bronx.  What might I see him doing today if I have my eyes, my mind, open?

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