Slow, Patient Development

From Heather Havrilesky’s What If This Were Enough:

“We are called to savor the process of our own slow, patient development, instead of suffering an enervated anxious state over our value or popularity.”

That can be a tall order, to “savor the process of our own slow, patient development.”  In this time when nearly everything can be brought to our door, or we to it, immediately, “slow, patient development” does not seem to be in favor.  We want what when we want it, and we typically want it, are getting used to getting it, NOW.

In many ways it seems that the “enervated anxious state” has become the accepted norm.  But of coursed some things just take time, whether we like it or not.  I am reminded of Billy Joe Shaver’s song (made popular by John Anderson) – “I’m just an old chunk of coal, but I’m gonna be a diamond some day….”  Or, there’s Ashley Gorley and Bryan Simpson’s song (made popular by Sammy Kershaw, and more so by Tim McGraw) – “I ain’t as good as I’m gonnna get, but I’m better than I used to be.”

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