Ode to El Patio

Recently I read a story about a long-time restaurant in town that was closing – closing today after more than sixty-five years in business.  The restaurant happens to be one of my favorites.  I have had many meals there.  Driving by it recently, shortly after the closing announcement, I noted it was very busy, I guess because people want to get one more memory of the place, though maybe they just want a good plate of cheese enchiladas.  Whatever the reason, it occurred to me that I already had good memories of the place, and Lord knows I have had my share of cheese enchiladas there.

It occurred to me that this was yet another reason (as if we needed any) to live in the present, to savor those moments in life whether they come in the form of a light rain while sitting on the porch swing, the solid crack of the bat from a well-hit baseball, or a warm, almost too hot plate of cheese enchiladas, beans, and rice.  All which lead me to this thought:  One can spend so much time and effort looking forward (plans) and looking back (regrets) that the power of the present (now) is lost.

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