Second-Rate Idea

This bit of conversation from the Broken Record podcast involving to legendary music producers:

Rick Rubin: “There is something about people playing together [at the same time, as opposed to one recording over the recording of the other] that no amount of getting it right counters the energy of the interaction

T. Bone Burnett: Yeah, perfection is a second-rate idea. The computer is able to put out perfect music all day long but its not really as interesting.”

I so love that “perfection is a second-rate idea” comment.  I am not a musician or music producer so can’t comment intelligently on their observations beyond noting that live performances (even recordings of live performances) can have that “energy of the interaction” that makes the recording feel better in ways I can’t really explain.  Call me an old-fashioned Luddite, but it occurs to me, and what I can and will comment on, is that to me this same phenomenon seems to be true of digital/social media communication as compared to real live communications — as in people listening/talking TO one another and not AT one another through some electronic means.  Dare I say it – Facebook and Instagram are wildly successful second-rate ideas.

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