People you dislike

From Anthony DeMello’s The Way To Love, this about how to think of “those people you dislike”:

“That means you cannot use labels like proud, lazy, selfish, arrogant.  The label is an act of mental laziness, for it is easy to stick a label onto someone.  It is difficult and challenging to see this person in his/her uniqueness.”

That’s difficult enough, but then:

“Consider the possibility that what you see as a defect in them may not be a defect at all but really something that your upbringing and conditioning have led you to dislike.”

And finally:

“If after this you still see a defect there, understand that the origin of the defect lies in childhood experiences, past conditionings, faulty thinking and perception; and above all in unawareness, not in malice.”

He closes with “…to understand is to forgive.”

Got it, but this may take a while.  The first thing I may need to do is get rid of my “Stereotypes are real time savers” t-shirt.  Or perhaps wear it inside out.

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