It is enough

From Heather Harvilesky, What If This Were Enough.  Bear with me, for this is a bit lengthy, but cutting it in pieces felt like a betrayal of its worth.

“We are called to resist viewing ourselves as consumers or as commodities.  We are called to savor the process of our own slow, patient development, instead of suffering an enervated, anxious state over our value and popularity.  We are called to view our actions as important, with our without consecration by forces beyond our control.  We are called to plant these seeds in our world: to date to tell every living soul that they already matter, that their seemingly mundane lives are a slowly unfolding mystery, that their small choices and acts of generosity are vitally important.

Here is how you will start: You will recognize that you are not headed for some imaginary finish line, some state of ‘best’ness that will finally bring you peace.  You will see that you are as much of a miracle as Mozart was.  You will remember that bit of advice lurking inside one of Shirley Jackson’s dark novels: ‘Somewhere, deep inside you, hidden by all sorts of fears and worries and petty little thoughts, is a clean pure being made of radiant colors.’  You will feel this and know it in your heart and pass this feeling along  to the people around you.  You will breathe inn this moment – this imperfect, uncertain, not-quite-right, heavenly moment.

You will say to yourself, ‘it is enough.’  And it will be.”


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