Hard, Awful Things

From an On Being interview by Krista Tippett:

“The question isn’t whether we’re gonna have to do hard, awful things, because we are – and we all are.  The question is whether we have to do them alone.”  Kate Braestrup

That is, of course, the harsh reality of life.  In even the most charmed life there will be/are/have been “hard, awful things.”  In the midst of those “hard, awful things” there is this seeming tendency of the person on the receiving end to withdraw (to “do them alone”) and a tendency of the observer to let them, to avoid getting involved.  That said, it occurs to me that many triumphs in life occur when those tendencies are overcome by one person, then the other.  When one person is open and available to another, lives have the opportunity to blossom.

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