Lesson in a bad joke

A guy in a backwoods area has never seen, heard of, had any knowledge of elephants.  None. Wouldn’t you know it, an elephant escapes and finds its way to the guy’s backyard, where he makes it to and starts helping himself to the guy’s garden.  The guy calls the cops, describes the creature as best he can, and tells the 911 operator that the creature is pulling up the cabbage from the garden with his tail.  “What is he doing with them?” the operator asks.  The guy replies “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you!”  Buh Dumph!

I am reminded 1) of my love of bad jokes, and 2) that often in life I come upon things I don’t understand and try to fill in the gaps by making assumption based on my limited world experiences.  Some of those assumptions are just wrong.  Sometimes it may be best just to keep quiet and withhold judgment.

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