Open for Business

“Astonishing material and revelation appear in our lives all the time….  We just have to be open for business.”  Anne Lamott

The revelations surround me, or the opportunities for revelation surround me, but as Lamott notes, unless I recognize them as such, acknowledge their presence, unless I am “open for business,” the revelations are not realized, they are just things or occurrences often perceived as obstacles in my way – MY way.  The sunrise I ignore on the way to the airport to catch an early flight or the sunset view from the plane I ignore on the flight back — so many opportunities for “astonishing material and revelation [to] appear in our lives” are missed because we are not truly “open for business.”  Am I “open for business?”  I fear I am more like the shop owner who decides each day just what type customers I will allow into the store.  Today, I will allow in left-handed blonde males under six feet tall not wearing a hat.  Tomorrow, it is black-haired females wearing some red article of clothing and brown shoes.  And I wonder why business is slow!

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