“And he arose and came to his father.”  Luke 15:20

When I read this I think of the trepidation the young man, the prodigal, must have felt.  He has gone off into a far country against his father’s wishes, lost all his money, taken a crappy job, nearly starved to death, and come to the realization that he would be better going back to his father as a hired servant than remain on the path he is on.  Still, he has to transfer all that thought into action, to arise and take the first step, then the next, to start the long trek home – and you know that was a long walk home.

It occurs to me that at any point in life there are those “returns,” those “journeys home”  I am thinking about making that require an awakening first (that point in the parable in which “he came to himself”), and then the trepidation-filled first step, then the next, on the journey back.  Keep moving along.

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