Independence.  My dictionary gives these definitions:

  • Not dependent (duh!)
  • Not subject to control by others
  • Not affiliated with a larger controlling unit
  • Not requiring or relying on something else

The first two sound good, things worth striving for, though on reflection they seem a bit unrealistic.  I admit, if begrudgingly at times, that am dependent on many people, many things, and that I am ‘subject to the control of others” — judges who tell me when to be where, for instance.  As for the latter two, it seems like life would lose some richness if I was “not affiliated with a larger controlling unit” (though I wouldn’t use exactly those words to describe it).  And let’s admit it — I often require or rely on someone/something else. I bought this computer I am typing on, I didn’t make it myself.

Independence?  Well, there’s still the fireworks and barbecue, and a day off.

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