The Handoff

“Life in this world is a relay, and you never know who is handing you the baton.”  Julie Sellers

I heard this recently on a podcast and it hit home.  At times (not often enough) I am in the stands with a beer, just watching the race, but sometimes, I am on the track, tense, waiting for the baton.  But for all my planning and plotting, I really don’t ever know who will be handing me the baton.  I think of the opportunities missed because I was not wanting THAT baton.  How dare someone offer me an opportunity that was not quite in the color, form, and/or shape I wanted it to be.

Yes, the reality is that I never know who will be handing me the baton, and the quicker I accept that the baton can come from anywhere, the quicker I’ll have it in my hand.

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