From Nobody’s Fool by Richard Russo:

“To Rub’s mind, Sully’s one human flaw was that he didn’t seem to want much more than he had, which seemed unaccountable.  If you were standing outside in the cold and wet, it was only natural to wish you were inside where it was warm and dry, so Rub wished it, and not just selfishly for himself, but for Sully, too.  That was friendship….  And as Rub slid onto the stool, as close as he could get to Sully on the other side of the counter, he’d have liked to explain this whole friendship deal to him, so he’d know.  Instead, he said “Could I borrow a dollar?”

I like that simple concept of friendship – to wish more than they have for someone else.  Not more so they have more, but more in the sense of wishing well being to come upon them, like getting out of the cold and wet, into the warm and dry.  It occurs to me that such is a find definition of friendship.  I also occurs to me that Rub and Sully have a typical male friendship — one left to action, rarely words.

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