Hearts Connected

“There ain’t nothin’ not affected when two hearts get connected.”                                     Two People Fell In Love – Brad Paisley

I thought I had heard every Brad Paisley song, but this one has somehow escaped my attention until now.  In the context of Paisley’s song, he sings of a couple meeting, falling in love, and having a child.  The child grows up, “cures all sorts of things, wins the Nobel prize, and saves a million different lives.”  The punch line is “It’s funny when you think about the reason he’s alive, is all because two people fell in love.”

It is a bit saccharine, as most all good love songs are.  Still, the line hung with me and it occurred to me that it is a truth.  When two people connect, two hearts connect, the world changes.  The connection need not result in marriage, a child, a Nobel prize, and it need not result in saved lives.  No, lives can and do get changed when “two hearts get connected” by a smile and an encouraging word, by an apology and forgiveness, by dropping money into some receptacle, by just showing up and being there.  Those simple acts, the momentary connection of two hearts, change lives.

“There ain’t nothin’ not affected when two hearts get connected.”  Believe it.  Count on it.

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