“The connection between human beings cannot be severed; it can be forgotten.”  Brene Brown

I heard this the other day on a podcast and it took a while to process as it sent me to reading other Brene Brown material.  Contemplating all that it occurs to me that much can get in the way between two people – ideologies, experiences, distance, pride, fear, to name a few.  However, the connection still exists because we, as humans, will always have more in common than we have differences.  However, we come to see that only through vulnerability, through meaningful interaction, or as Brown says: “Live-tweeting your bikini wax is not vulnerability.”  One more:

“I think if you follow anyone home, whether they live in Houston or London, and you sit at their dinner table and talk to them about their mother who has cancer or their child who is struggling in school, and their fears about watching their lives go by, I think we’re all the same.”


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