Two-Way Street

“Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive….”  C. S. Lewis

Ah, forgiveness!  So readily received, and so reluctantly given.  Yet it is, as Lewis notes in Mere Christianity, a two-way street – a bumpy, difficult two way street (at least in that one “giving” lane), but a two-way street nonetheless.  While it is not an easy journey, Lewis provides at least some advice on how to travel a bit more easily in the “giving” lane: “Perhaps it makes it easier if we remember this is how He loves us.  Not for any nice, attractive qualities we think we have, but just because we are the things called selves.  For really there is nothing else in us to love: creatures like us who actually find hatred such a pleasure that to give it up is like giving up beer or tobacco….”

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