Angels Among Us

There is probably no time of year we hear/think more of angels than the Christmas season.  Angels We Have Heard On High (listen to the Indigo Girls version) and Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing (the classic Nat King Cole) surround us, as do manger scenes and Bible readings about the nativity.  Thus I guess it is no wonder my mind (and iTunes) went to an old favorite of mine – Angels Among Us by Alabama, though it is not necessarily a Christmas tune.  The chorus:

“I believe there are, angels among us

Sent down to us, form somewhere up above

They come to you, and me, in our darkest hour

To show us how to live, teach us how to give

And guide us with a light of love.”

My only complaint with the chorus is that it can leave us with the thought that those angels show up only “in our darkest hour.”  In my experience, those angels are ever present, and more properly described in a later verse:

“They were so many faces, show up in the strangest places

To grace us with their mercy, in our time of need.”

And of course, our time of need, at least my time of need, is almost always.  Indeed, “I believe there are angels among us” and if I put that nasty pride thing aside, I can look back and see how they have helped me in life.  Whether I asked for or admitted I needed their help or not, they have been/are there to “show [me] how to live, teach [me] how to give, and guide [me] with a light of love.”

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