Hearing the Symphony

“For life to those who have the ears to hear is a symphony; but very, very rare indeed is the human being who hears the music.”  The Way of Love – Anthony De Mello

Too often I am listening to, focusing on, just one instrument in the symphony to the exclusion of most if not all others — and those are my good days.  On others, it seems, I am listening for the missed note only – I am watching the hockey game for the fight, the auto race for the crash.  Rarely, if ever, do I hear the symphony.

De Mello encourages us to “develop a taste for the symphony of life.”   That seems particularly poignant in this Christmas season as we seem to all to easily get caught up in the frenetic pace and lose the reason for the season.  The street vendor character in Willie Nelson’s Pretty Paper,  or even the bell-ringer standing next to the Salvation Army kettle, get lost in the shuffle.

Yes, there is much swirling around us these days, and it is easy to focus on one person, one thing, that upsets.  Yet among that there is the good that has always been, and thankfully, always will be, taking place around us.

“For life to those who have ears to hear is a symphony….”  Heck, Santa, forget those two front teeth I ordered, all I want for Christmas is a pair of THOSE ears!

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