Time (And Astros)

My first memory of watching Astros baseball goes back to a trip to the Astrodome with my cousin and my uncle Dick sometime around 1965, perhaps 1966, which would have been the year or year after it was built.  Since them I have ridden the roller coaster that was/is Astros baseball.  I have seen them suck, I mean really suck.  I have seen them be really good.  I have seen them through multiple 100 game loss seasons, and seen them get close to, but not get in to, the World Series, until 2005.  I saw, as in I was there, when they lost Game 4 in 2005, being swept by the White Sox.  And then, there was this year.  After all the disappointment, it was hard to believe – it IS hard to believe.

As I look back at my half a century run with the Astros, it is, in many ways, difficult to even understand what has occurred, particularly after being sleep deprived for the past couple of weeks from watching games.  But what I understand a little better now is that time is the answer to lots of questions, and that time is set to a clock that is not necessarily my own.  I’ve known (but not liked) that all along, of course – but I must be reminded of it on a regular basis.

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