I Can’t Believe…

“Go placidly amid the noise and haste…”  Max Ehrmann – Desiderata

Picking up on yesterday’s thought – There is much swirling around us lately with the recent events in Charlottesville and the related fallout.  What caught my eye and tugged at my heart today is a photo taken by Stephen Lam and published in the New York Times.  The photo is of a woman in a rally in Oakland, California, surrounded by others, holding a simple white poster board with this scrawled across the poster: “I CAN’T BELIEVE I AM STILL PROTESTING NAZIS.”

This single shot displays the power of a photo.  It conveys, at a glance (though it deserves more than a glance) those feelings and emotions inside me and rushes them to the surface to the point that I have palpable reactions – a wince, a gasp, a rush of emotion.  The photo both speaks for me, and listens to me in my frustration, anger, pain, impatience – in whatever emotions I have related to the craziness of recent events.

A picture is or can be worth a thousand words, yes, but more importantly, in this case, it plainly serves to state those thousand words for us.  So whatever, your politics, indeed, politics aside, forget the article below it, just go look at the picture and envision yourself standing nest to the woman holding the sign, or better yet, holding it yourself.  She nailed it with the poster –



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