Decency, Respect, Truth

“He’d always assumed that people were good, that they worked hard for any number of things that required self-interest but that certain boundaries prevailed: decency, respect for others, truth.”  Ethan Canin – For Kings and Planets,

Sometimes, when I am reading something, a line jumps out of the page at me, as if it were there just for me.  When that occurs, the meaning may become immediately clear, or it may elude me as I repeatedly return back to it and the dog-eared page that text is on.  This falls into both categories.  I am still thinking on it, but am particularly drawn to the thought that no matter the uncertainties in life, certain boundaries prevail – and if I had to pick three, “decency, respect for others, truth” would be good choices.

It occurs to me that my angst arises when my assumption that people are good is eroded, when the prevalence of “decency, respect for others, truth” are somehow put in question.  And that explains a lot about my current angst.

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