I had to change my computer password at work recently, which is always a hassle.  I find myself typing in the old one out of habit, though I know I have a new one.  In fact, it seems like just about the time the “new” password becomes automatic, it is time to change to a different new one.

It occurs to me that this is a good life lesson here.  Change is almost always difficult.  Even when I know intellectually it is good (thwarting hackers), change is still difficult to embrace.  Yet, at some point, and generally without realizing it, the change I had such difficulty embracing becomes the change I have difficulty letting go of.   I am reminded of one of George Carlin’s comedy routines where he makes this astute observation – “Have you ever noticed that after you have a hat on for a while you forget it is there, and then, after you take it off, you still think it is there?”

All that to say – Change, hard to accept, hard to let go of.  Go figure.

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