Hello, My Name Is Doubting _____

I have long been enamored with the story of he unfairly labeled “Doubting Thomas” in popular culture.  John 20:24-29  You are out of the house for some reason and return to find your other friends reporting that a dead friend who died a horrible death of the cross a few days ago has just appeared to them in flesh and blood – and you have the audacity to doubt them.  Give me a break!  I received more ammunition in Thomas’ defense yesterday when our homilist noted that not even Jesus is upset with Thomas for his doubt.  No, Thomas famously notes to his friends that he will believe their story he gets to see/feel Jesus’ nail marks and side wound.  This “I’ll believe it when I see it” statement seems infinitely believable to me given the unique circumstances.  On his return, Jesus simply invites Thomas to do so.  There is no rebuke, only an invitation to Thomas to do what he needs to do to believe.  Some 2,000 years later we all get that same invitation, not to see/feel the nail marks, but to do what we need to do to believe.  Heck, if you want to throw the label “Doubting” around, stick it on me, on all of us.

Hello, my name is Doubting ___.

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