The Centering Moment – Howard Thurman

“Again, and again, we find ourselves deeply distressed, because there is so much that is dependent upon us as individuals carrying specific responsibilities within a world which is small and compact and demanding. So overwhelming is this kind of pressure upon us that we are tempted to rely, despite all our adequacies, upon our own strength.  Again, and again, we say to ourselves, if I do not depend upon myself, if I do not depend upon that which I am able to do for myself and those for whom I am responsible, then there is no other source upon which I may be dependent.  And even as we say it, and as we feel it, our minds are flooded with multitudinous instances in which strength did come to us that was not of our making, a lift to our burden did come, even though it could not be measured by anything that we ourselves were doing. All around us there are these surprises of kindly interference manifesting the grace of life and the tenderness and the mercy of God.”

Howard Thurman – The Centering Moment

Photo and Text Sunday

In furtherance of the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend …

Photo taken recently in Galveston. Text is from Howard Thurman, an early influence on King and his committent to non-violence. King was clearly one of Thurman’s “few…who dare trust their fate in its hands.”